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National Media Development Center (NMDC)

Devoted for Rural Media Empowerment in Nepal


 National Media Development Center (NMDC) established in February 2007 (B.S 2063.11.14) to help build the capacities of the provincial media and journalists in Nepal and developing countries is providing THEME based journalism trainings to media person working in rural districts. The capacity of the district journalists and managerial skills of small media houses have to be strengthened in order to safeguard democracy, improve living standards and bring harmony and happiness in the society.


NMDC is fully dedicated for the institutionalization and promotion of free media as the foundation of democracy, pluralism and economic development. We trust that an independent and financially sustainable and professionally strong media can create a well-informed citizenry.


Specific Objective

The specific objective of NMDC is to provide support for the establishment of an independent, financially sustainable and professionally strong provincial media in Nepal and other developing world.



National Media Development Center has identified its mission as:

  • To promote and strengthen the district media;
  • To maintain constant vigilance in protecting the democratic system, rule of law, human rights and the guaranty of freedom of speech and the press;
  • To strengthen the local media through capacity building and small media management schemes;
  • To stimulate and motivate high standards and ethical behavior in the practice of journalism; and
  • To encourage local journalists to establish professional and independent media in the district where no media exists or  the media that are struggling to survive;

Areas of Work:

NMDC's main working areas are: *Media Management Training, Journalism Training- Development Journalism, Public Health Journalism, Civic and Citizen Journalism, Remote District Focused Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Journalism and Social Media Trainings) Media Research and Publication *Media Policy Dialogue * Media Exchange. Currently our activities are centralized on Trainings.


Glimpse of Training

NMDC, so far has organized 82 trainings in 64 districts on various themes to 2025 trainees representing from 74 out of 75 districts of Nepal. Among them, 1158 are male and 867 are female. Its trainee-network has reached to 74 districts.


Most of them are remote districts. It has organized trainings in all districts of Far-West Nepal. In Mid-west only Salyan and Jumla have remained. It has organized in Humla, Mugu, Kalikot, Dolpa, Jumla, Dailekh, Rukum, Rolpa, Myagdi, Parbat,Rauwa, Taplejung, Terhathum, Sankhuwasabha, Bhojpur, Khotang, Okhaldhunga etc. Major remote districts covered in Terai are: Saptari, Rautahat, Kapilbastu, Bardia, Banke, Dhangadi, Kanchanpur and Bara. Only 11 districts remained where NMDC has not organized trainings.


Rural Media Empowerment Program

NMDC's 95% activities are district centered. NMDC focuses its programs for rural journalism giving high priority to professional, investigative and development reporting. On rural journalism component it provides five day- Basic, Intermediate, Social Media and Advanced Journalism Trainings. Rural media empowerment is the nerve of NMDC. It has reached in the most rural part of the country and began its first training from district. Altogether 993 including 480 women of 39 districts have received this training. Training contributed the trainees mainly on: principles of journalism, news and source identification, confidence building, code of ethics, news writing tools, quality presentation and use of social media for information sharing.  


Pioneer of the Development of Public Health Journalism in Nepal

NMDC is the pioneer in providing Public Health Journalism Training in Nepal. The training opened the eyes of the journalists to identify different public health issues that were ignored and disregarded. After the training, news quality, presentation of verified information and health news coverage in local and national media have been increased. There was also high impact of the health news in the society. People especially rural illiterate women having severe health problems due to ignorance have reached health centers seeking treatment after listening news broadcasted by NMDC trainees via local FM radio stations. In health alone, it provided five day training to 350 mid-career journalists including 144 women participating from 60 out of 75 districts of Nepal. NMDC had published bi-monthly Health Journalism Feature Bulletin and trainees were awarded health journalism Fellowship.


Development Journalism

Political mission is fulfilled. People need food, health, education, access to travel and communication and not merely the boring political address. Media should frame and bring development issues. It is the need of nation. Impact oriented, inspiring positive angle based and development focused news should get priority


To address the need, NMDC, therefore started Development Journalism Training aiming to enhance the journalist's skill on development reporting.  Several unveiled local development issues have been appeared in local media after the training. To date, it provided 5-day training to 231 journalists including 124 female participating from 53 districts.


Civic Journalism

Status of beliefs and social dignity is disappearing. Developing civic sense in the society through media and support to good governance and development is its main objective. NMDC has provided two-day civic journalism Training /Seminar to the journalist working in the districts.


It has organized 11 workshops in different districts and has provided training to 362 journalists including 91 women covering participants from 45 districts.  


Media Dialogue Workshop/Seminar

NMDC organizes national and international level seminar in Kathmandu.


Media Research & Publication and Media Exchange Program:

NMDC's five year plan 2015-2019 has identified media research and publication and media visit programs as major activities second to trainings.


Working Partner

U.S. Embassy, Australian Embassy, Open Society Institute (OSI) London, NFHP-II/USAID, FES Nepal, Department of Information, Ministry of Information and Communication, Nepal, IPAS/Family Health Program etc.


Local Working Partner

Federation of Nepali Journalists, District Development Committee  


Registration and Affiliation

 Registered in District Administration Office Kathmandu with

regd number: 831/063


PAN Number: 252084109


Affiliated with Social Welfare Council: 21835


Audit and Renew: Each Year followed with Nepali Fiscal Year


NMDC Training at a Glance


NMDC Training at a Glance May 2007 to Feb 2014



Training Theme





Covered Dist


Basic/Inter./ Advanced




























Diff. Themes







Total Trainings 











Training Conducted District Till Bhaktapur Jan 2015

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Health Journ.Training

Media Programme

Health Bulletin




Completed 82nd Training in 64th District.

Trainees: 2025 (867 Female)